Diddy-Dirty Money x Rhapsody Proposal

26 04 2010

According to last weeks poll, “Should Rhapsody Do More Hip Hop Partnerships”, 89% of voters favored the idea. With several artist schedule to drop albums during this summer only question is, who should  the next candidate be to develop a strategic partnership with the company? Let’s propose Diddy-Dirty Money. The group has already performed on American Idol, obtained music licensing opportunities from the movie Legion, , CBS Sports and from Verizon’s NFL commercial. The group can continue to maximize exposure through a strategic partnership with Rhapsody.

Similair to Jay-Z’s partnership with the online music service company, Dirty Money’s album can be promoted to Rhapsody’s  700,000 subscribers and through its joint venture with MTV,  a creative ad can be develop where it can be broadcast on the network and on company and artist’s YouTube channels.

Jay-Z’s Blueprint 3 Rhapsody commercial depicts him recreating his past album covers. Diddy-Dirty Money’s commercial can depict him recreating all of his past music videos and ushering in his new group Dirty Money, the ad will take viewers through a musical voyage of his solo career with several performances in his music videos,  “Its All About the Benjamins”, ” Been Around the World”,  “P.E 2000”, “Come To Me” and his current video “Love Come Down”.

This is simply a  proposal for a strategic partnership to be developed between Diddy-Dirty Money and Rhapsody to promote the Last Train To Paris which hits stores on June 22. Share your thoughts on the possibilities of this happening.

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26 04 2010
VIDEO: Diddy-Dirty Money x Rhapsody Proposal | WoooHa.com

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