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27 08 2010

All Black Converse All Star Cup

27 08 2010

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M&M’s Party Like Diddy Sweepstakes

13 05 2010

In this unique partnership, Diddy wants you to vote or die for your favorite M&M’s character Red, Ms. Green, Yellow, Orange or Blue, the highly favored color will be the theme for one of Diddy’s legendary events.

“This year, I’m touring North America and Europe to promote my new album, Last Train to Paris, so unfortunately I can’t throw my annual White Party,” said Sean “Diddy” Combs. “But I wanted to make sure there was at least one colorful affair on the calendar this summer, so I’ll be producing the M&M’S® Color Party, in honor of America’s favorite M&M’S® character. It’s the first time people can pick the color of one of my parties.”

Cast your vote so you and your crew can “Party Like Diddy”

Diddy-Dirty Money x Rhapsody Proposal

26 04 2010

According to last weeks poll, “Should Rhapsody Do More Hip Hop Partnerships”, 89% of voters favored the idea. With several artist schedule to drop albums during this summer only question is, who should  the next candidate be to develop a strategic partnership with the company? Let’s propose Diddy-Dirty Money. The group has already performed on American Idol, obtained music licensing opportunities from the movie Legion, , CBS Sports and from Verizon’s NFL commercial. The group can continue to maximize exposure through a strategic partnership with Rhapsody.

Similair to Jay-Z’s partnership with the online music service company, Dirty Money’s album can be promoted to Rhapsody’s  700,000 subscribers and through its joint venture with MTV,  a creative ad can be develop where it can be broadcast on the network and on company and artist’s YouTube channels.

Jay-Z’s Blueprint 3 Rhapsody commercial depicts him recreating his past album covers. Diddy-Dirty Money’s commercial can depict him recreating all of his past music videos and ushering in his new group Dirty Money, the ad will take viewers through a musical voyage of his solo career with several performances in his music videos,  “Its All About the Benjamins”, ” Been Around the World”,  “P.E 2000”, “Come To Me” and his current video “Love Come Down”.

This is simply a  proposal for a strategic partnership to be developed between Diddy-Dirty Money and Rhapsody to promote the Last Train To Paris which hits stores on June 22. Share your thoughts on the possibilities of this happening.

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Should Rhapsody Do More Hip Hop Partnerships?

16 04 2010

Last year Rhapsody partnered up with Jay-Z to promote “The Blueprint 3” album, the results of which have help sold over 2 million records.

It was through Rhapsody’s “Fans Get It” campaign which celebrates the culture and iconography of an artist career, that enables the company to do high-profile promotions with top artists in genres from pop, hip hop to country. The campaign serves as a great vehicle to further connect music fans with the artist they love. Through previous partnerships with Green Day and Jay-Z, the company heavily promoted their album to 700,000 subscribers and with their joint venture with MTV Networks they were able to televise creative commercials for that artist.

Since Jay-Z had great success with Rhapsody’s partnership, should the company continue to help promote hip hop artist? This years  anticipated albums are expected to be released by T.I, Lupe Fiasco, Juelz Santana, Jeezy, Kanye West, The Game, Drake, and Diddy-Dirty Money. Can future partnerships help record sales and help the company gain revenue?

Boardroom Table Made Out Of LEGO

13 04 2010

LEGO boardroom table by abgc Architects.  The table consists of 22,742 pieces clicked together.

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Durex Typeface Print Campaign

13 04 2010

Durex  typeface print campaign designed by German illustrator/designer Andre Krahne visually illustrating the “Durex experience.